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Verifying a Bitcoin address

Steps Required
Verify Address in Pseudo Code

Input Address = 1PZoWjye1Xa1e1NSNYmKuxEJYGvcnJro7p
Decoded Address = decodeToBase58(Input Address)
Note: Decoded Address now represents 6069343702728890138051083510044608105707838933778380636955

Hex Encoded Address = encodeToHex(Decoded Address)
Note: Hex Encoded Address now represents F786E7A97DAFC50A6E5E82BF454847069D958B12F340431B

Encoded Address = append 00 to the prefix of Hex Encoded Address
Note: Encoded Address now represents 00F786E7A97DAFC50A6E5E82BF454847069D958B12F340431B

Encoded Address = remove the last 8 characters
Note: Encoded Address now represents 00F786E7A97DAFC50A6E5E82BF454847069D958B12

Encoded Address = hexToBinary(Encoded Address)
Note: Encoded Address now represents 11110100010101001000010001110000011010011101100101011000000000000000

Hashed Address = sha256(sha256(Encoded Address))
Note: Hashed Address now represents F340431BECBFAC4FD36D44C506BC092B500114EBA14FA75DCF7551AC61496A67

if Input Address contains any of the following characters 0 O I l
Address is not valid

if Input Address string length is greater than 34
address_valid = false;

if input_address first character is not a number 1
address_valid = false;

return address_valid